If you need to lear English, you might see the video by clicking url below :

EnglishClass101 "Know Your Verbs = think"

EnglishClass101 "How to Talk about Music, Movies & TV?"

EnglishClass101 "What Adjective Describes Your Personality Best?"

EnglishClass101 "Top 25 English Nouns"

EnglishClass101 "Know Your Verbs = see"

EnglishClass101 "How to Talk About Family"

EnglishClass101 "Know Your Verbs = let"

EnglishClass101 "Know Your Verbs = look"

EnglishClass101 "Top 20 Travel Phrases That You Should Know"

EnglishClass101 "Live"

EnglishClass101 "Difference Between Like and As"

EnglishClass101 "How are you?"

EnglishClass101 "What is the difference = say, talk, speak"

EnglishClass101 "Top 10 Must-Know English Verbs When Cooking"

EnglishClass101 "Fix Your Bad English in 50 minutes!"

EnglishClass101 "English Listening Comprehension for Absolute Beginners"

EnglishClass101 "Lemme Wanna Gimmie Gonna"

EnglishClass101 "15 Question That You Should Know"

EnglishClass101 "Ask and Anwer"

EnglishClass101 "Food Vocabulary Words and Phrases"

EnglishClass101 "How To Tell Stories in English? - Learn English Vocabulary"

EnglishClass101 "100 Phrases Every English Beginner Must-Know"

EnglishClass101 "Top 25 English Phrases"

EnglishClass101 "Learn British English in 90 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need"

Mark Ryder "English Conversation 18"

Oxford English video - Elementary Level - Learn English 

Oxford English video Conversation and Improve Vocabulary 

Oxford English video Pre-Intermediate level - Learn English 

The Creative Penn "How To Use Grammarly To Improve Your Writing"

Maula Nikma "Cara mengerjakan soal TOEFL jika tidak tahu arti"

Maula Nikma "Tips Dapat Skor TOEFL 600 - Pengalaman Pribadi - Part 1"

Mr. Wakhid Nugroho - Pelatihan TOEFL dari NOL 

Kampung Inggris LC - TOEFL SKILL 2: Perhatikan Objects Of Preposition | TEATU with Mr Wira 

IELTS Speaking Interview - Practice for a Score 7

LetThemTalkTV -  How To Become Fluent In English: 8 Things You Must Do

10 English Words You're (probably) Mispronouncing! | Difficult Pronunciation | Common Mistakes


Happy learning....!!!!

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